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1. Everywhere You Go*
2. Weary Blues* 
3. Charmaine*
4. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby**
5. Melancholy Baby*
6. Careless Love*
7. South**
8. At Sundown**
9. Tulane Swing*
10. Precious Lord, Take My Hand*
11. Pretend*
12. I Love You So Much It Hurts**
13. On a Coconut Island**
14. Running Wild**
15. Lord, Lord, Lord*
16. In the Upper Garden**
17. Billie and DeDe’s Riffs**
18. Dippermouth Blues**
*Previously unissued on CD
**Previously unissued

1-2 The Louis James Orchestra – Clive Wilson, tpt; Earl Humphrey tbn; Andrew Morgan, t/sax; Lars Edegran, pno; Ernest Roubleau, gtr, vcl; Louis James, sbs; Lawrence Trotter, dms. Recorded in New Orleans, 2 April 1967
3-4 Louis Nelson Serenaders – Dan Pawson, tpt; Louis Nelson, tbn; Bill Greenow, clt, a/sax; Richard Simmons, pno; Brian Turnock, sbs; Barry Martyn, dms. Recorded at the White Horse, Willesden, London, 25 June 1967
5-6 Emile Barnes Quartet – Eddie Richardson, tpt; Emile
Barnes, clt; Sammy Hopkins, pno, vcl; Dave Bailey, dms.
Recorded in New Orleans, 27 November 1963
7-8 Capt. John Handy’s New Orleans Four – John Handy, a/sax; Richard Simmons, pno; Barry Richardson, sbs; Barry Martyn, dms.
Recorded in Egham, Surrey, March/April 1966
9-10 Doc Paulin and his Dixieland Band – Doc Paulin, tpt; Freddie Thompson, tbn; Himas ‘Flo’ Anckle, t/sax; Willie Batiste, bjo; Cal Blunt, sbs; Harold Antoine, dms. Recorded in New Orleans, 28 May 1968
11-12 The Kid Thomas Band – Thomas Valentine, tpt; Louis Nelson, tbn; Emanuel Paul, t/sax; Charlie Hamilton, pno; Joe ‘Kid Twat’ Butler, sbs; Sammy Penn, dms. Recorded in New Orleans, 1 June 1968
13-14 Dan Pawson’s Artesian Hall Stompers – Dan Pawson, tpt, slapstick; Dave Senior, tbn; Dick Bridges,clt; Clinton Sedgley, bjo; Derek Steele-Jones, sbs; Paul ‘Spud’ Spedding, dms. Recorded at the Cambridge Inn, Birmingham, 8 December 1966
15-16 The Eagle Brass Band – Dan Pawson, Tony O’Sullivan, tpts; Louis Nelson, Mike Casimir, tbns; Dick Douthwaite, Eb clt; Bill Greenow, a/sax; John Defferary, t/sax; Jim Young, bbs; ‘K’ Minter, sn/dm; Barry Martyn, b/dm. 
Recorded at the White Horse, Willesden, London, 4 July 1967
17-18 Billie and DeDe Pierce’s Band – DeDe Pierce, tpt; Louis Nelson, tbn; Billie Pierce, pno; Chester Zardis, sbs; Cie Frazier, dms.
Recorded live at a concert in Bremen, Germany, January 1967